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PC Tattletale makes it easy to see every click from your employees workstation. See everything your employees do while working.


Not good with computers? Yes. Even you can put PC Tattletale on the computer. Installs just like any other program. No complicated settings. It just works. No I.T. staff required!


PC Tattletale can not be found on the workstation. Your employees will have no idea you are watching every click. Feel at ease knowing PC Tattletale will not be found.

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PC Tattletale is powerful remote monitoring software that shows your staff's every click. It works on all windows PCs. Just put PC Tattletale on the computer. It only takes a few minutes. You do not need to be technical or have your own I.T. Staff. Then watch movies of what they do from anywhere. Even while you are on a business trip or out of the office.

Works with all Microsoft Windows Versions

  • Employees Following Directions?

  • 100% invisible. Non detectable.

  • Suspect Stealing? Theft?

  • View Remotely. From Anywhere.

  • Working? or Wasting Time?

How PC Tattletale Works

Internet and Computer Monitoring Software

See Activity

PC Tattletale shows your staff's daily click activity. See when they use their workstation and how much. Are they working or wasting time?
Internet and Computer Monitoring Software

Makes Simple Movies

As your employees work PC Tattletale makes simple movies. Watch them to quickly see everything your staff did. It is like you are sitting next to them looking over their shoulder. Without them ever knowing.
Internet and Computer Monitoring Software

Watch From Anywhere

Yes! Now you can finally watch them from anywhere. Watch from a remote PC, iPhone, Andriod, tablet, and more. Watch them while you are at work or out of the office.

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"I could not believe how much time my staff was spending on Facebook."
Paul M. Shaw, Portland, ME
They know I watching them. Everyone is more productive now thanks to PC Tattletale.
Sarah J. Matney, Nashville, TN
Greatest tool to make sure my staff is following directions and procedures. Love it.
Jeffrey V. Gonzalez, Billings, MT